Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Style meets efficiency. Use your space wisely.

Our home is our own personal space. For some, it’s the place we get back to at the end of a tiring day while for some it’s the place they spend most of their times in. Either way, a house becomes a home when it acquires a personal touch and reflects the very personality of its inhabitants.
So if you’re moving into a new place or thinking about redecorating an old one, you might want to make it as stylish as you are! Looking for an interior decorator would be ideal but not economic. On the other hand, one can use a few pro tips to perk up their places, making their home look just the way they’ve dreamed.

Use the space wisely and elegantly:

We leave in an era where no middle class family has an abundant amount of space to their disposal. Even if we do have sufficient space, the number of furniture and possessions always seem to outrun the breathing space and a lack of creativity makes the space constricted. This however can be avoided with judicious use of space. For instance one can turn the lower part of the tea table as a rack for magazines. In case you have a glass top, arrange the magazines properly, so the glossy appearance on adds to the style quotient.

Few tips to make your cozy home look classy:

·         Build multipurpose objects:

Buy furniture that serve more than one purpose. For instance if you’re planning to build a hardwood shelf or cupboard, ensure that it’s build from the ground and the height is short, so it can double up as sitting place once you’ve placed the right cushions on top of it.

·         Use the space on your wall:

You no longer have to place a shelf at every corner to store your books or to portray those fancy show pieces. Instead use the space on wall. There are several such wall shelves available which come in intriguing contemporary designs. They are stylish to say the least and they can help you to make place for a lot of stuff.

·         Use every available inch:

Place your furniture in such a way that you don’t end up with a dead corner which has absolutely no use. Say you’ve placed two sofas in the drawing room, perpendicular to each other and the corner is left with no use. In such case, you can simply put one of your vases in that corner and add some lively greenery to the room.

·         Use light colours:

This has nothing to do with using the space, but is very effective in creating an illusion that you have a large space. Colours of lighter shade promptly make a place appear roomier than it really is.

·         Extend your living space beyond the rooms:

The balconies and patios are often not put to proper use. You can use them as your makeshift garden or one can also turn into an alternative seating area. Place two posh chairs in the balcony and turn a bedside table into the centre table. And there you’ll save a seating area perfect to share special moments with your dear ones.

·         Replace coffee tables with small bedside tables:

Coffee table eat up a lot of space in the centre of the room only to serve one purpose. So instead you can place a few bedside tables adjacent to the sofa or chairs. They’ll serve the same purpose as a table while you’ll also be able to use the drawers for storage.

Use these ideas and trust your imagination, and you’ll be able to transform your place into a piece of art.

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